FAQ: How To Use Azamax Hydroponics?

Hydroponics: Add 5 to 8 oz per 10 gallons of reservoir size. Agitate the mixture thoroughly until the product is thoroughly dispersed. Make 2-3 applications at 10-14 day intervals until the pest pressure has ended. With high insect pressure applications make applications every 5 to 7 days.

How do you mix AzaMax with nutrients?

Azamax can be tank mixed with hydroponic nutrients for a few days with no negative effects besides having some residue in the res that will need to be washed out. I only recommend running it every other week as the oils will clog root hairs and make a mess, especially if full hydro.

How often can you spray AzaMax?

For the most effective control, apply AzaMax® when pests are expected to appear or as soon as possible after pests appear and are in immature stages. Spray at an interval of seven (7) to ten (10) days or as the situation warrants.

How do you use AzaMax for fungus gnats?

Dilute AzaMax™ with water for concentrations of 0.4 to 0.8% vol/vol. Drench the soil in the pot with one (1) pint of finished spray per 1.0 gallon of soil. For fungus gnats, use the 0.4% spray concentration.

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How long does AzaMax last on plants?

In general, AzaMax® stays for two weeks in plant tissue but it may vary on plant type and the climatic condition.

What can I mix with Azamax?

It is made for foliar spraying, so you will need a spray bottle like you mentioned. Some other tips to Azamax use is to mix it with warm water, and to also add isopropyl alcohol to your mixture of Azamax and warm water.

Can I spray AzaMax during flowering?

Is it safe to spray Azamax during flowering? Azamax and Azatrol are very safe. You will never catch me sprinkling it on flowering plants. Azamax or Azatrol will definitely overwhelm them when used correctly.

Can you water in AzaMax?

ft. per application. Apply AzaMax® alone to food/garden crops on the day of harvest. Dilute AzaMax® with water at a rate of 0.5 – 4.0 tablespoons (Tbs) per gallon of water.

Is AzaMax oil based?

AzaMax does not contain neem oil and unlike many neem based products, is not formulated using harmful solvents, surfactants, or preservatives. No other neem product is as stable or as effective as AzaMax. AzaMax contains up to 100 natural chemicals all aimed at having negative impacts on insect pests.

Is AzaMax safe for succulents?

How to Control Mealybugs on Succulents with AzaMax. AzaMax is an ORGANIC derivative of neem and can be used as a foliar spray or soil drench (perfect for those nasty root mealies or for plants that have a powdery farina coating) and works best BEFORE you notice a huge problem.

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What is AzaMax made of?

AzaMax is made from special Azadirachtin Technical extracted using patented extraction technology from Neem, a tree known for it’s innumerable benefits. AzaMax contains Azadirachtin A&B as active ingredients and more than 100 limonoids from it’s special technology.

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