FAQ: What Is Promix In Hydroponics?

Promix is probably the most forgiving hydroponic growing medium. Promix is made of professional grade Peat Moss, Perlite, Vermiculite, & Mycorrizal (Beneficial Bacteria). Promix looks like Potting Soil & is often mistaken for Soil but it is not. It is very forgiving if you forget to water.

Is ProMix considered soil?

ProMix Soil: High-Quality Potting Soil For Organic Gardeners ProMix is a high-quality plant growing medium. The ProMix soil line is known for offering a variety of potting mix options, some of which are listed as safe for organic growing.

Is ProMix a soilless medium?

Homegrown offers many types of peat based mediums from Premiere Tech Horticulture including their extremely popular Pro-Mix peat based mediums. Some 15 years after its first large-scale peat bog restoration project, the company still continues its efforts, and this, all over Canada.

Is promix soil or hydro?

Promix looks like Potting Soil & is often mistaken for Soil but it is not. It is very forgiving if you forget to water. Rockwool is very popular & has been around along time. It has a high pH medium, so you’ll need to presoak and you’ll need to keep the pH of your nutrients between 5.0-6.0 to compensate.

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Is promix HP Coco?

PRO-MIX HP-CC MYCORRHIZAE is a lightweight, high-porosity peat-based growing medium that contains chunk coir. This symbiotic relationship between fungi and plant, results in an overall improved plant growth PRO-MIX HP-CC MYCORRHIZAE is suitable for a wide variety of horticultural plants.

What is the pH of promix HP?

Typically the pH of an unused PRO-MIX product that is 4-9 months old is 5.2-5.8 (S.M.E. method), depending on the product and the moisture content. A growing medium should be used within nine to twelve months of its manufacturing date to ensure that the pH of the unused growing medium is not too high.

Is promix good for vegetables?

PRO-MIX Premium Organic Garden Mix is ideal for outdoor gardening projects, such as vegetables, herbs, flowers, seed starting, raised garden beds and containers. This high-quality peat-based garden soil is OMRI®-listed and approved for organic use. It’s your go-to option for tasty vegetables and organic growing.

What pH should soilless mix be?

Plants can be grown in a pH range between pH 4 and 8, if micronutrients are maintained in available form. The pH range for plants grown in organic soils or soilless mixes is around 1.0 to 1.5 pH units lower than the pH range for plants grown in mineral soils due to differences in nutrient availability.

Can I reuse PRO-MIX HP?

There are similar risks between reusing potting soil and reusing Pro-mix, but they are not the same. One of the issues of trying to reuse Pro-mix is that the limestone used to raise and regulate the substrate’s pH will have broken down over time which will cause the substrate to become more acidic.

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Does PRO-MIX HP have nutrients?

Does ProMix contain HP nutrients? CHEMICAL PROPERTIES: PROMIX® HP MYCORRHIZAE ™ contains a balanced nutrient load to favor the initial development of the plant. During agricultural production it is necessary to start a fertilization program.

Should I add perlite to PRO-MIX HP?

In the case of PRO-MIX HP, perlite increases the air porosity of the mix since it retains less water than peat moss. Also, it does not interact with nutrients and it is free of weeds and diseases because it is produced at high temperatures.

Can you start seeds in ProMix?

Pro-Mix has a reputation for evenness and consistency. The peat moss is milled to very fine texture. That makes it a very good environment for seeds to germinate.

How long does pro-mix last?

Once in use, it generally lasts about one to two weeks, depending on the rate the manufacturer incorporates, how much water is applied to plants (volume divided by frequency) and plant uptake.

Does ProMix expire?

There is no expiration date, ProMix is mainly peat, perlite, a little lime plus a wetting agent. None of that is going to change over time, especially when it’s a dry mix.

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