Question: How To Calculate Pump Size Closed System Hydroponics?

In order to determine the best pump for your system, you’ll need to do three things:

  1. Calculate the GPH (gallons-per-hour) that your pump will be moving.
  2. Measure the head height of your system.
  3. Combine these two values using the chart that comes with the pump.

How many gph pump RDWC?

Many experienced hydroponic gardeners recommend running between 800 and 1200 GPH through RDWC systems.

How long should I run my hydroponic system?

30 minute minimum on/off time settings will usually be fine, but 15 minute minimums will give you more flexibility. You’ll need a pump timer for any Ebb & Flow (Flood and Drain) system, Drip system, Aeroponic system, and sometimes some people use them in NFT systems as well.

What size air pump do I need for hydroponics?

A better rule of thumb is to ensure that the pump you buy will provide at least 500-600cc per minute of air to your nutrient reservoir. 500-600cc per minute is the same as 500-600ml per minute, and even the cheapest air pumps will provide more than that, so most hobbyist indoor gardeners will be safe here.

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How much air does a DWC need?

The answer to that is surprisingly simple – as a rule of thumb the air pump needs to supply: 1 litre of air per minute for every 4 litres of nutrient solution.

What is an inline water pump?

What is an inline water pump? Inline water pumps have much more power than submersible water pumps, and thus they are used more frequently in commercial applications. Hydroponic inline water pumps are air-cooled, and move water from the reservoir into the grow tray or flood table.

What is a NFT hydroponic system?

Nutrient film technique (NFT) is a hydroponic technique where in a very shallow stream of water containing all the dissolved nutrients required for plant growth is re-circulated past the bare roots of plants in a watertight gully, also known as channels.

Do you need a pump for hydroponics?

For some systems like traditional DWC, Wicking, you do not need a water pump. But for Aquaponics, and some other hydroponic systems like RDWC, Bubbleponics (two variations of the DWC), Ebb & Flow, Aeroponics, etc., a water pump is a must. The role of the water pump is to pump water while the air pump aerates the water.

How do you size a hydroponic reservoir?

Define the minimum tank size needed by the quantity and species of plants you will be growing. As a general rule of thumb when growing hydroponically, small plants require at least ½ gallon per plant, medium plants 1 ½ gallon and large plants 2 ½ gallons.

How often should I water my hydroponic plants?

A good general rule of thumb is to start plants being watered about 2 to 3 times a day and increase as plants show signs of needing water.

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Can you over water in hydroponics?

Is it possible to overwater hydroponics? Yes, it is possible to overwater hydroponic plants. There many different facets and reasons why this can happen. Much of it down to the type of system.

What is the perfect ppm for hydroponics?

As plants consume nutrients and water, the nutrient strength in the hydroponic reservoir will change. GENERALLY, nutrient strength should run between 800 to 1500 parts per million (ppm).

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