Readers ask: Hydroponics Fans, When To Run?

When it’s the light period, the usual advice is to keep all fans moving. During dark hours/night, check the temperature outside and set the scrubber fans accordingly. During flowering or seedling stages, ensure abundance of dry air and CO2 by running inline fans.

When should I run my fan in a grow tent?

You need to keep the fans running during the light hours. This will help prevent humidity and heat affect your yield. During the dark hours, keep the fan off after 1 hour. Let the plant flower without any disturbance.

Do you need fans for hydroponics?

It has to take into account the heat and humidity requirements of the plant variety being grown. And no, you cannot depend on the existing structural ventilation systems, like grilles, vents, or ducts. You may incorporate these into your system, but you will also need strategically placed fans.

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How long should you put a fan on seedlings?

The goal is to create a gentle breeze; don’t point the fan directly at your seedlings. Keep the fan running 24 hours a day. Prevent Seedling Disease with a Fan

  1. Plant your seeds in fresh soil that’s formulated for seedstarting.
  2. Thin seedlings so they’re not crowded in their pots.
  3. Avoid overwatering.

Does exhaust fan reduce heat in a grow tent?

Also called an extractor fan, an inline duct fan is used to expel the hot and humid air from inside your grow room or tent. Using an active exhaust fan to bring in cooler air will help you regulate the internal temperature.

Should I run my fan 24/7 In my grow tent?

However, when your plants are in late flowering, they might stink with odor, and embarrass the whole space. So, the best policy is to run scrubber fans 24/7 at late flowering stage.

Do you need fresh air in a sealed grow room?

The concept of a sealed room is quite basic; a sealed room is a growing environment where there are no holes or air exchanges to the outdoors or any other room. It doesn’t need to be airtight, however, the closer to airtight the better.

Do plants like fans?

A fan can be of great help to any plant that is planted indoors as it circulates the air and prevents the dampness on plants and condensation. You can use floor fan, ceiling fan or oscillating fan as per the requirement. A Tip: Do not position the fan directly on plants.

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Should I open vents on grow tent?

If you’re relying on passive intake, remember to ensure that the intake vents in your tent are open. Also, keep a window open near your grow room to help replace the hot air being vented out of your tent. If you’re using active intake, instal your intake fan at your tent’s intake vent.

When should I run my carbon filter?

In a broad sense, carbon filters are needed to be changed after 18-24 months of regular (24/7) use. In less demanding situations, they can last up to 4 years. However, this lifetime depends on the carbon quality, usage, humidity, plant types etc.

Does a fan help strengthen plants?

While the effect is not direct, fans indirectly do help your plants grow. Since fans assist in maintaining air circulation throughout your house, the proper air circulation can then benefit your houseplant. Proper air circulation can do many things for your plant that, in turn, can contribute to your plant’s growth.

Do I need air intake in my Grow Tent?

Larger grow tents can benefit from using passive air intake as well but will require higher CFM exhaust fans. Air intake is only a part of the indoor growing equation. Many factors like grow tent size, grow lights, and inline fans contribute to creating the optimal growing environment.

What size fan for 5×5 grow tent?

The ideal inline exhaust fan to get for a 5×5 grow tent is 6 inches in size and has around 400 CFM.

Can I vent back into my grow tent?

You can run ducting from the exhaust on your grow tent and send it into a different room or outside your home. Or you can simply vent it into the same room in which you put the tent. The second option is obviously much easier. It also avoids the major problem of venting outside your home: an obvious heat signature.

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Does a carbon filter have to vent outside?

It isn’t necessary to have the air being pulled through the carbon filter exhausted outside your growing area; depending on your setup it may even work better to have the filtered air returned immediately to the growing area.

How can I cool my grow room without AC?

Use the exhaust fan to pull air out of the grow tent. You could simply vent it into the room, but then the room would heat up and you’d eventually have a similar problem. Unless the room is well air conditioned. But even then, you’re better off using the ducting to vent the air out a window or into the attic.

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