Readers ask: What Do I Do About The Protestors In Hydroponics In Mass Effect Qndromeda?

You can either head directly to the hydroponics area of the Docking Bay, or hear about a protest elsewhere on the station, which gives you a quest journal and navpoint to follow. Either way, head on over and chat to the protestors. They’re not hard to find.

Should I end the protest in hydroponics?

It’s worth bearing in mind the protestors will appear whether you choose to make the outpost military or scientific. Either way, the side quest will be triggered. The protesters can be found near the hydroponics area. You can choose to end the protest, which will trigger a scene where you do just that.

Where is hydroponics on the Nexus?

Hydroponics is a location in the Common Area on the Nexus station. It is great for a quiet escape.

Should I exile or release Nilken?

Ultimately, the choice of whether to exile or release the murderer in Mass Effect: Andromeda is up to you. Either way, Nilken will carry on living his life, having to deal with the choices he’s made, either in exile on a planet or sleeping in stasis.

Is Nilken innocent?

If Nilken was exiled, he can be found in the Kadara Slums, in the lower level of Tartarus. Nilken still believes himself innocent. However, since Nilken was honest with Mariette on this path, she has decided to stay with him, and they are actually happy living among the exiles.

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Where is Dr Camden on the Nexus?

Doctor Camden is the head of Hydroponic Sciences. He can be found wandering by the Hydroponics wing in the Common Area of the Nexus.

What happened Jien Garson?

Along with various other senior members of staff, Andromeda Initiative founder Jien Garson was found dead in her apartment. Information gained from unlocking SAM’s memory core, combined with a bit of Omni-tool detective work, reveals that Jien Garson was, in fact, murdered.

What cryo pods should I open first?

Best Cryo Pods in Mass Effect: Andromeda

  • Trade Capacity – This should be one of the first Cryo Pods you unlock when you first start.
  • Grey Market Connections – Improves the prices when buying and selling items.
  • Market Dominance – You can only unlock this pod after getting Grey Market Connections.

How many arks are in mass effect Andromeda?

You’ll discover leads on the whereabouts of each Ark as you progress throughout the story, but you’ll need to actively pursue these threads in order to find answers. This guide runs through the most effective means of completing the three Ark missions, and what you can expect within each of the ships themselves.

How do you unlock Ryders final memory?

Make your way to Garson’s apartment and scan the bed, then head back towards the door and scan the wall to find a secret room. Read the datapad inside then go to the Cultural Exchange and talk to the Garson VI. Return to the Hyperion once more and access the SAM node to unlock the final memory.

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Did Nilken do?

Even though Nilken did not kill Reynolds, he intended to. If you choose to exile Nilken, you’ll see Kandros approving reaction. Nilken will be found living in the outlaw planet Kadare later on. Or, even though Nilken did intend to kill Reynolds, he ultimately did not commit the crime.

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