Where Is Nexus Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a location in the Common Area on the Nexus station. It is great for a quiet escape.

Where is Camden nexus?

Appearances. Doctor Camden is the head of Hydroponic Sciences. He can be found wandering by the Hydroponics wing in the Common Area of the Nexus.

Should you end the protest mass effect?

You can choose to end the protest, which will trigger a scene where you do just that. Or, you can decide that the protesters are right, and pull the family members out of stasis. Whatever you choose, talk to Rhys again to end the quest. You’ll be rewarded with some some AVP either way.

What do I do with the protestors in Mass Effect Andromeda?

It’s a pretty short quest but here’s what you have to do. Speak with the protestors to learn why they’re upset, and agree to investigate the matter for them. With that done, take the tram to Operations and speak to Kandros, choosing the “stasis protestors” dialogue option.

Is Nilken innocent?

If Nilken was exiled, he can be found in the Kadara Slums, in the lower level of Tartarus. Nilken still believes himself innocent. However, since Nilken was honest with Mariette on this path, she has decided to stay with him, and they are actually happy living among the exiles.

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Should I exile or release Nilken?

Ultimately, the choice of whether to exile or release the murderer in Mass Effect: Andromeda is up to you. Either way, Nilken will carry on living his life, having to deal with the choices he’s made, either in exile on a planet or sleeping in stasis.

What is the best weapon in Mass Effect: Andromeda?

The Most Powerful Weapons In Mass Effect: Andromeda

  • 8 Scorpion.
  • 7 Asari Sword.
  • 6 M-37 Falcon.
  • 5 Black Widow.
  • 4 Reegar Carbine.
  • 3 Krogan Hammer.
  • 2 N7 Valkyrie.
  • 1 Remnant Cryo Gauntlet.

Where is Lexi on Nexus?

Search the Nexus. Fortunately, finding her isn’t that hard – Lexi T’Perro is at the Vortex Bar in Nexus: Docking Area. Talk to her and choose the dialogue options that will improve her mood.

Should I save the Angara or destroy the facility?

If you choose to save the Angaran, and spare or kill the Cardinal after they are freed, then the Angaran forces will join you in later end-game missions to provide assistance in your fight against the Kett war machine. The best choice, overall, is to allow the facility to continue operating, and free the Angaran.

What happened Jien Garson?

Along with various other senior members of staff, Andromeda Initiative founder Jien Garson was found dead in her apartment. Information gained from unlocking SAM’s memory core, combined with a bit of Omni-tool detective work, reveals that Jien Garson was, in fact, murdered.

How many arks are in mass effect Andromeda?

You’ll discover leads on the whereabouts of each Ark as you progress throughout the story, but you’ll need to actively pursue these threads in order to find answers. This guide runs through the most effective means of completing the three Ark missions, and what you can expect within each of the ships themselves.

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Did Nilken do?

Even though Nilken did not kill Reynolds, he intended to. If you choose to exile Nilken, you’ll see Kandros approving reaction. Nilken will be found living in the outlaw planet Kadare later on. Or, even though Nilken did intend to kill Reynolds, he ultimately did not commit the crime.

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