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Advanced Nutrients Crop Substrate Superpak Tribe

The majority of popular hydroponic growing media are sterile substrates. There’s no life and no beneficial microbes like you’d find in a handful of rich, dark soil outdoors.

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Crop Substrate Superpak Tribe – Allows You To Maximize The Most Overlooked “Trick” To Growing Pounds Of Green, Frosty, Magazine-quality Buds

The majority of popular hydroponic growing media are sterile substrates. There’s no life and no beneficial microbes like you’d find in a handful of rich, dark soil outdoors.

Now, it’s no secret that adding beneficial microbes to your root zone is equivalent to recruiting nature’s invisible army to live symbiotically with your plants, creating big, healthy, vibrant root systems that directly translate to higher nutrient absorption and optimal yields…

But before you introduce beneficial microbes into your root zone, it’s important to condition and prepare your growing substrate with the Crop Substrate SuperPak Tribe.

First is Ancient Earth Organic, a 100% organic, prehistoric supplement that brings the various benefits of both long-chain humic acids and short-chain “golden” fulvic acid to your garden… Introducing long-chain humic acid to your root zone is like building a “condominium complex” for beneficial microbes, giving them an optimal structure to flourish in. Short-chain fulvic acid is a “weird” molecule that’s still not 100% understood scientifically, but it directly stimulates plant grow and is 1,000 times smaller than humic acid— making it easily utilized by your plants.

Sensizym practically supercharges your plants’ “digestive system” by scavenging your growing medium substrate and recycling organic waste and other debris in the root zone into usable carbohydrates that fuel bud growth, boost yields, and increase terpene production. Terpenes are the main building block of any plant resin or essential oils and the primary contributor to greater aroma, flavor, and even color of your plants. Together, these two powerful products can take the raw substrates and waste by-products of your garden and optimize their use to greatly enhance your growing efficiency and amplify the output of your entire growing system.

Keep reading to discover more about these two products in the Crop Substrate SuperPak Tribe and how each of them can help you get even more results from your high-value garden, starting today…

Ancient Earth® Organic

Fortify Your Garden with the Nectar of the Earth Using This Exclusive 2-in-1 Solution!

Ancient Earth Organic, naturally derived from a rare source of ancient organic material called leonardite, is the first humic-fulvic supplement on the hydroponics market to give you the best of two worlds. This hybrid product contains both long-chain humic acids and short-chain ‘golden’ fulvic acid. Each of these ingredients performs separate jobs, yet they work together seamlessly and synergistically for the maximum benefit of your plant’s health and performance. First, the long-chain humics in Ancient Earth transform your growing medium into a richer, healthier, more vibrant foundation for your crops while pumping up their roots. They also stabilize the pH and optimize nutrient delivery. And once the fulvic acid, a kind of natural chelator, enters the roots it assists in the transport of nutrients within the plant. Ancient Earth also helps plants to withstand disease, drought and other environmental stresses. As always, we stand behind Ancient Earth with our 100% money back Grower Guarantee.


Your plants (like the human digestive tract) build up organic waste. Left in the root zone, this waste can impair growth and flowering or contribute to disease. But when you give your crops specifically formulated enzymes, they scour the root zone, removing the debris and eradicating disease by ‘recycling’ it into usable carbohydrates that fuel bud growth and boost yields! Now, enzymes sound great, but only Sensizym is guaranteed in two unique ways: First, it’s a specific combination of high-grade bioactive enzymes that work best for our high-value plants. Second, it’s guaranteed to have a stable shelf life and be fully active at the time of purchase – unlike other products, which are often completely inert on the shelf. Lastly, growers report that Sensizym decomposes root zone debris so well, you can often reuse growing media such as rockwool and coco coir for another crop lifecycle – saving you money! As always, you risk nothing trying Sensizym because our Grower Guarantee ensures that you’ll be 100% satisfied or you get all your money back.


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